Resources for Nebraska Farmers and Ranchers

University of Nebraska Extension

University of Nebraska Extension provides expertise and know-how to sectors as diverse as nutrition, health care, and technology.

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Ph: 402-472-2966

Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health (CS-CASH)

Our mission is to work with the agricultural community in the Central States and beyond, conducting research, intervention, education, and outreach activities, which aim to  discover the mechanisms of injury and illness, and to
develop, implement, and evaluate prevention strategies that measurably improve the health and safety of members of the agricultural community.

Ph: 402-559-4000

Nebraska Farmers Union Foundation

The primary focus of the Nebraska Farmers Union Foundation is to help the Nebraska Farmers Union provide a wide range of educational services to family farmers, ranchers, and their rural communities.

Ph: 402-476-8815

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North Central Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Center

The North Central Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Center is supported by the USDA Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network, under agreement number: 2020-70028-32728